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Hawaiian music is a unique blend of several early influences from abroad with ethnic Hawaiian chants. It has spawned the adaptation of guitar to several distinctly Hawaiian sounds and styles, notably slack key and steel guitar. This singular Hawaiian blend has given birth to such world-class musical talents as Gabby Pahinui, The Tau Moe Family, and The Sons of Hawai'i, who have all helped spread the Hawaiian sound and culture throughout the world. - from Surfing For Life

"Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous"

Bill Moyers


Brent Flaaten: Photographer

Instagram: @flykingimages

I have been given a gift. A gift through injury. I surfed for 37 years and because of major degenerative arthritis I had to have my hip replaced at 42 and both of my scaphoid’s removed in my wrists. This put my photography as my passion, which literally saved me. My wife Reva bought me a Nikon d3400 and a Tamron 600 mm lens, this was a God send.

I became a photo ambassador for Scosche Inc. and Buell wetsuits. Then Head photographer for the Ventura Boardriders Club for 5 years now. I reside in Santa Barbara and have lived in this area for the past 6 years. My camera of choice is a Nikon d750, and I still have my Nikon d3400 as back up. I’m working on having my photography support my lifestyle. I am the Lead Groundskeeper for 12 acres at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. 

brent 2.jpeg

Conner Coffin last week at home. I come from an era of full rail, power carves and style. Make no mistake Conner is the premier power broker on tour, sitting at #4 in the World. When Rincon is breaking its one of my passions to shoot it and when the best in the World show up, even better!

el cap.jpeg

15 yr. old Pipeline charger Kaden Russi spends time here a few months out of the year. After charging Pipe he likes to open up at the long right points. At Rincon a few weeks back.


Josiah Amico in some buttery conditions. Thank you winter for finally showing up. Super charged on this past swell!! #california #ventura #santabarbara #sequence #butteryconditions #covesessions #visslasurf #surf #surfing #surfer #Nikon #NikonUSA #FlyKng #flykngimages #winterswell


brent 3.jpeg


A representation of the future and the present sharing what both will revolve their lives around for years to come. The ocean becomes your soul focus when you become a surfer. Every thought , every minute of every day revolves around the sea. Whether your parents like it or not they become your Uber for the foreseeable future, till you can pick it up from there. The little grom here is just as stoked as the big grom here, guaranteed! Jabe is quickly becoming “the guy to watch”when he’s surfing. He has come away from the same broken leg twice, with a new fire in his belly and a positive outlook on life, it shows in his surfing and his attitude on land. This is the key to success. #surf #surfing #surfer #Nikon #nikonphotography #nikonusa #california #ventura #santabarbara #ocean #grom #layers #colors #landscapes #sunset #FkyKng #FlyKngimages @venturaboardridersclub @cisurfboards @mrzogssexwax @visslasurf @fcs_surf @sunbum

Photo: Bill Sharp 

Instagram: @williamsharpimages

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