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Alika Atay Teaches How to Make Fermented Plant Juice

Learn a powerful and easy Traditional Hawaiian Farming Practice for converting your abundant weeds into a source of nitrogen for the rest of your garden plants that you actually want to encourage to grow.

Hawaii Farmers Union, West Maui (Mauna Kahalawai) Chapter President, Alika Atay speaks about the science behind and demonstrates how to convert weeds into a fermented plant juice (FPJ). This natural form of nitrogen can then be applied to your new growth plants to encourage them to be healthy.

This is one simple example of natural farming techniques that convert natural ingredients into fertilizer and mineral sources your garden and farm plants can use to flourish. An abundance of techniques are available for the whole growth cycle of plants in a variety of methods via soil (Indigenous Micro-Organisms), root, and leaf applications, environments and inoculations.

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