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Ghetto News: Leave Hawai'i Alone

The mainstream media is junk food for your brain

Sadly, Hawai'i has been infected with this toxicity. Where's the Aloha?

Is the US hellbent on turning everything they touch into a ghetto?

American life is processed life. Left-right politics, feel-good religion, corrupt Hollywood entertainment, crony capitalism, chemically-manufactured factory food, greed-driven materialism, fake fiat currency, poisonous pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, agenda-driven corporate media: each of these things represents the culmination of deliberate social engineering and programmed consciousness by an amoral media machine that millions of Americans have been duped into accepting as the cultural norm. The fact of the matter is that most of what's peddled by the mainstream media these days as truth and fact about our world is actually just manufactured junk food for the brain. Everything from the foods people eat and the cars they drive to the words they speak and even the opinions they hold are the product of many decades of brainwashing and social programming by shadowy puppet masters pushing an agenda. Just look at what's been dominating media headlines and cable news airwaves in recent days.

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