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Fed Up With Greed? From Craigslist:

What is wrong with this picture ???

$2,000 a month for a ONE bedroom 350 sq.ft. place..... seriously???

WHY you ask... there are are 3 reasons why!

#1.) The county has allowed far too many vacation rentals and don't crack down on the illegal vacation rentals. So basically all you homeowners see $$ and ones that will MORE then cover your mortgage, you're profiting nearly double, you don't have heart you only have greed!

#2.) All you homeowners who haven't flipped your house / condo into a vacation rental have decided geez look what they get for their vacation rental so lets raise our monthly rent prices so we can make the poor even poorer too! Jump on that bandwagon cause your afraid to be different.

#3.) Then there is us, the real people of Maui, aka The Renters! We sit back and let this all happen, grumbling about it as we've been here most our lives and work hard and are raising our families...... but don't stand up for ourselves as a collective against this injustice. So here we are and statistically speaking there are more vacant rentals then there are homeless here on Maui! Does that not speak volumes here people? I'm not pretending I know how to specifically make this change happen, we need people to challenge the legislature and stop this vacation rental madness (we have AMPLE resorts already) and get some rent control going here on Maui.

We need to boycott these rental prices and come together as large group, there is power in numbers and we the people, we the renters far out number the ones who own / manage the properties here! So there must be someone out there who will read this or that will know someone who wants to see this change come about that knows from a legal / government standpoint how to get the ball rolling, and someone else who has a knack for organizing groups and rally's.

I'll be of any and all assistance that I can be as I'm sure a lot of you would be as well. NOW is the time guys, lets stop grumbling and start doing something about this!! Let this go Viral all over Maui all over the State of Hawai'i and then the Mainland too! Copy & Paste this & put it on your FaceBook page, your Instagram, Twitter, the Maui News, talk about it with all your family and friends & get it everywhere else you can think of too.

Pule Aloha nui loa

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