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Psychological Warfare on the Homeless?

On a daily basis the operations crew at the Ka Hale A Ke Ola (The House of Life) set off a fire alarm that is so ear-piercing very few can tolerate it. We believe this intended to let the Homeless there know that they are very temporary and that they should not feel any sort of comfort there. The alarms have gone off sometimes 3 times a day and babies are seen clinging to their parents as this frightens them beyond what an infant should be subjected to. Not to mention people with epilepsy, PTSD or victims of trauma. There are also those with disabilities, both physical and mental.

Not unlike Hitler's "ethnic cleansing" there is a movement to eradicate these people from American society. America has become a place that has no tolerance for anyone who isn't in a position to chase the mythical "American Dream." And there are plenty of people now in positions of power who have been placed there to insure this "New World Order" will succeed in removing anyone who doesn't fit with the extremely limited, nearly criminal viewpoint on homelessness, hunger and old age in America.

The management, including higher-up Joy Rucker (named ironically of course) and her Board of Directors have a somewhat militant and sometimes blatant position against the homeless and you have to wonder why someone would put her, and them, in a position of authority where people (many of native blood and born-and-raised here) are trying to get their feet back on the ground.

These alarms are something someone might do during a war to prisoners-of-war to mentally break them down and remind them that society, in truth, wants nothing but for them to disappear. We believe this can be traced from Mayor Arakawa to Governor Ige and on to Donald Trump.

All over the United States homelessness is becoming a criminal offense. And this, in a country that purports to be Christian (83% claim to be Christian) is appalling.

The lack of outside support for these people in the way of actually providing them with adequate employment, affordable housing and comfort in their own land is nothing short of criminal. It seems to us that the bottom line for the Hawaiian Islands and every other beautiful tourist destination around the world is too displace as many of the local people as possible so that the rich can enjoy a vacation with just enough local servants to give their vacation a little local color.

Tourists want the myth of these places, not the reality. They want to believe that indigenous people "once were." They want to see indigenous cultures as quaint little visions of the past. They refuse to see that the money that has come in for tourism and high-cost housing has all but destroyed cultures that were vibrant, loving, and far ahead of their time in creating superior and sustainable societies.

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