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Documentary: The Amazing Aidan James (Trailer)

We at Maui salt and Sage Magazine began with Aidan a couple of years ago and he's always been close to our hearts.

Although he's gone to Hollywood now, his music is still infused with Aloha Spirit.

His latest album ECHOES is, in our opinion, absolutely amazing.

Please take a listen on Youtube: Aidan James

Aidan James hails from the Aloha State – Hawaii; a place steep in the traditions of its culture, dance, and music. Although the ukulele is most known for its Hawaiian tradition, Aidan has taken it to a different level, streamlining its unique sound into pop, rock and folk music. Add in his warm vocals, a loop station, and effect pedals, this young phenom has created his own artistry taking it beyond the islands, inspiring audiences of all ages around the world.

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