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A Lesson Learned...

A Lesson Learned...

There is DUALITY to everything in life. Without it, there is no balance. If one TAKES, one must GIVE!! Time waits for no man. We can be a part of the solution or a part of the problem.

It breaks my heart when many outsiders move to Hawaii and like blind children, they unknowingly neglect the environment and disrespect the culture. Many exploit the gems of Hawaii to the world for amusement while misunderstanding it's true significance.

These are the very ones who take it upon themselves to start businesses fishing, surfing, hiking, kayaking and doing anything els pertaining to Kanaka culture. They take tourist galavanting all over the island acting like they are gods gift to Hawaii pretending to be "authentic hawaiian" tour guides setting foot in some of the most delicate and restricted of areas just so they can reap the benefits and go home feeling good about themselves monopolizing on something they have no clue about. They leave no opportunity to native Kanaka to make a living doing what they know and love.

In the end, who will be here to pick up the pieces when they decide it doesn't fit their lifestyle or agenda anymore?? Who will fix the balance of our resources and environment??

We are the ones always caught in the aftermath that follows poor guidance. We are the ones always left picking up the pieces left by those who pretend they care about Hawaii when in reality they only care about what Hawaii can do for them.

I recently introduced my boss to lineal descendants of the area we work in and after a meeting with them, my boss had assured to have their input and presence on anything pertaining to it's well being. I always make sure to point tourist and outsiders in the right direction while not sharing the intimate details that keep Hawaii sacred. Some things are meant to stay Huna. I share with them the foundation that keeps Hawaii standing and teach them examples thru our history

The History of Hawaii presents many lessons. We can either learn from these lessons or we can suffer the same fate.

The ways of our Tupuna teaches us that for every lesson there is a moral and thru these morals we become enlightened. Kuleana is to know where and what your role is and to respect the role of others. One must be willing to follow so that one can someday learn to lead. To know when the honor has been given to step forward but to also know when it is not your place and step back. These are the lessons of sustenance and not of luxury. Sustenance teaches to be thankful and luxury teaches greed.

To be PILI is to connect yourself with the teachings of the past. To honor them and perpetuate them. We must remind ourselves to listen and observe. I always remind myself that as long as we can acknowledge the problems, we can find solutions.

Step soft, tread lightly and always keep your cup empty.

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