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Spooky Hawaiian Legends: The Night Marchers

Hawaii is a beautiful place with lush scenery, a bright, blue ocean, perfect weather, and wonderful people. But don’t be fooled—there’s definitely a dark side to this paradise.

The Huaka’ipo are the spirits of ancient Hawaiian warriors who are eternally cursed to march throughout the islands of Hawaii. Known as the Night Marchers, they are said to march in a single line, often carrying torches and weapons, playing drums, and chanting. The Night Marchers rarely appear during the day, but when they do it means that they are escorting a living relative to the other side. The telling signs that Night Marchers are heading toward you are the sounds of drums getting closer, a foul odor, conch shells being blown, and approaching torchlight.

It is considered an evil omen to look at the Night Marchers, so to protect yourself you must lie facedown on the ground as a sign of respect. If they see you looking at them, the Night Marchers will kill you unless an ancestor recognizes you and claims you as their blood. Because no solid structure built on the Night Marchers’ path can deter them, many locals tell stories of the Night Marchers going through their homes and leaving fear in their hearts.

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