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Article: In Response To The Significance of The Hawaiian Flag Protest

The point is: These kids don't accept the US as their country. They consider themselves an occupied nation because their country was illegally taken from them. Google the real history of the US overthrow. Clinton even apologized for this in 1993. Another empty apology from another empty politician of the US.

I suppose you believe in the superiority of white domination of all indigenous people. That's just "the way it is" right? That being said, you're a dinosaur. You should have been the leader of the wiping out of the Native Americans. You have no conscience. You are the entitled, patriotic american who doesn't even know his own history (let alone Hawaiian History), doesn't care about either, and has absolutely no idea why he's proud to be an american. "Amurika is the greatest nation on earth." (Really?)

Second response to "Hawaiian's need us"

That's the common argument, that Hawaii needs the federal government. They would have never needed anyone if their near perfect economy hadn't been dismantled similarly to most colonized countries. The US makes addicts out of the countries it controls and undermines everything the people were by dismantling their way of life and forcing them to accept the superficiality of american culture. If people in Hawaii were able to re-establish title to the lands that were stolen from them, they'd be some of the richest people in the world. A friend of mine holds title to all of the land at Ka'anapali, and even though she proved it in court, she isn't being allowed to collect property taxes or charge rent. Know the history. Study the facts. Don't take on the mind of the "conqueror, the invader, the entitled white colonialist who believes everyone is indebted to america.

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