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Makai Side Is Catching Fire All...

...The World.

Aloha, please share this if you like.

Reviews: Pacific Longboarder:

"Talk about complete."

The Inertia Magazine:

"This one goes deep."

"Niiiiice Philip! Not what is usually churned out there for us all." - Kimi Kann

"This movie is the surf bible. This is original spirit. Great mahalo for sharing."

- Yone Cauden-Vaiagina:

Have you seen the new documentary video about the Hawaiian Legends?

Now Live on Youtube, Makai Side: A History of Hawaiian Surfing

Watch Here: Makai Side

Hawaiian Surfing history from the beginning; covering depictions of 18th century surfers by British artists aboard trade ships through Duke Kahanamoku, highlights of the 20s and 30s, Makaha and Hawaiian Culture in the 40s, the accomplishments by the heavies in the 50s and 60s, the innovations of the 70s, and the power surfers of the eighties.

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