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"Tahiti Moe" Many do not know that this...

"Tahiti Moe" Source: Nicholas Thomas

The story of "High Chief Orio" and his sacred daughter Princess "Poetua" While many stories circulate today about the actual events of Captain Cooks death and his hostage takeover of Ali'i Nui Kalani' opu'u, there is another story that might peek your interest. Many do not know that this was his way of diplomacy. In Tahiti, two men deserted Captain James Cook's ship the "Resolution". They were favored by the natives and on that day, they sent Cook's company on a wild goose chase. The following day, the escaped men were pursued to the neighboring island of Taha'a, but upon arrival, the natives had claimed the men had already moved on to Borabora. Cook did not want to pursue long distance in a small boat so he decided to return back to their ship.

The following day, Cook sent his trusted mate to kidnap the King, High Chief Orio. Orio who had always helped and supported Cook, happened to be with Cook at the time he found out about the kid-napping. The chief expressed his distress to Cook not realizing Cook was behind the affair. When Cook finally revealed his plan, it was too late for the High chief to escape. Cook eventually set him free demanding his two men that deserted, be returned at once, or els the High Chiefs pregnant and most sacred daughter Poetua, would be taken from them. Chief Orio acted right away but the whole situation was an extremely stressful one. Crowds of women gathered on the shore besides the ships, crying loudly and slashing themselves with shark teeth repeatedly. The ships mates later documented how the wailing and the howling of the native women would last hours at a time while they stood in front of the ships bleeding and crying until they were exhausted. The following Morning Cook would awake to an eerie sense of calmness. His first mate amongst another highly decorated officer were also taken hostage. Cook's men quickly sabotaged the fleeing canoes and returned the men back to their ships. Time and again the natives were restless with thoughts of revenge, trying to find the deserted soldiers with no luck. It wasn't until High Chief Orio traveled to Borabora himself that the men were finally returned. With quick haste, Cook released his hostages as he was extremely exhausted and stressed over the fact that his men were not worth all the trouble they had gone thru. He would again try this technique in Hawai'i with no successs. #KOOKmoreLikeIt😂

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