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Article: Oprah's Farm on Maui

Photos: Chris Craymer

"Whatever our dreams, ideas, or projects, we plant a seed, nurture it—and then reap the fruits of our labors." - Oprah

After more than 20 years of friendship, Oprah and her favorite health expert, Bob Greene, are taking their love of nourishing foods back to its roots—by rolling up their sleeves, tilling the soil, and sharing one heck of a beautiful bounty.

"Being on Maui and creating a farm feels like coming home to me." —Oprah Oprah's farm is situated at almost 4,000 feet elevation on the side of Haleakala, a dormant volcano, where it gets consistent rainfall and plenty of sun.

Despite Hawaii's lush farming conditions, roughly 90 percent of its food is imported from the mainland.

Green Zebra, Black Prince, and Burbank Slicing tomatoes (wrapping in paper speeds ripening) are among the more than 100 species of fruits, vegetables, and herbs growing on the farm.

"Rich, fertile soil helps the plants give you the nutrients you need to thrive." —Bob Greene

Oprah's so-called baboon-butt radishes grow large and vibrant in the farm's healthy soil. A compost heap full of nutrient-rich table scraps and plant clippings will be recycled right back into the earth.

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