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Article: Bohemians and Hippies on the Beach and other Hangouts

A lot of people are attracted to Maui: trust fund babies, rich retirees, windsurfers from South America, anyone from anywhere friggin' cold, like Canadians - ay!, Woofers on organic farms, escapees from the career ladder, massage therapists and yoga teachers, artists, and of course, hippies, bohemians, and New Age folks.

Different people are attracted to different beaches too. Certain beaches are more classically "tourist-y" and conventional (or just have great snorkeling) and other beaches tend to attract a more alternative group.

Of the beaches I know, three stand out as attracting the more hippie and alternative crowds: Baldwin Beach (not all of it, just the cove all the way to the right), Pa'ia Beach (sometimes, all the way to the left) and Little Beach at Makena.

Of course, for those of us who know Maui well, Little Beach is not surprising. It's like going back in time to a counter-culture.

Of course there are hippies up and down the North Shore: Pa'ia, Ha'iku, Huelo and up through Hana. I have friends in Huelo who do a superman switch from hippie garb to mundane attire, clothing that no one would raise an eyebrow at.

I'm using hippie in a casual way - anyone who looks alternative, with flowing garments, maybe dreadlocks, unusual jewelry and adornments, who might eat granola, and has that flower child inner and outer glow. There are so MANY pics I have wanted to take of hippies, hitchhikers, and beach folks, but have been too shy to ask.

The beautiful Bohemians in the picture above were already taking pics and said it would be okay for me to take some too (and post them even), so what the heck?

Here's to hippie-dom, bohemian free spirits, organic love, crunchy granola, and good health!

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