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Article: Meet Your Makers, The Green Series #1

Aloha Nui Loa Folks,

Peggy and I are publishers, writers, graphic designers and videographers. We love all forms of art and more importantly we LOVE Maui. We started Maui Salt and Sage four years ago because we believe that Maui, and all of the Hawaiian Islands, are a place where one feels a kuleana or responsibilty to honor this sacred place and preserve its multi-faceted beauty.

We don't consider ourselves part of any particular community on Maui, but instead a part of the whole of Maui (at least we're doing our best to connect to all aspects of life on this amazing Island). This is where you come in.

Please send us any and all info about what YOU are doing to make Maui a better place, or your appreciation of its beauty and culture. We'll be sure to work on a way of getting your voice into our publication and videos.

Mahalo Nui Loa,

Peggy and Philip

PS. See ya at the Earth Day Celebration! A Hui Hou!

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