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Music: "Hawaiian Freedom Song" - Jon Kinimaka

About Jon Kinimaka

Aloha to all of my fellow earthlings.

Mahalo for tuning into Kinimaka Music.

Here is my bio:

Jon Kinimaka for over half a century. Second Son of Prince Kalani Kinimaka and Maxine Avery Muse. My Father the late Prince Kalani Kinimaka, was an entertainer singer/songwriter for nearly 60 years, while touring the U.S. he met my Mother in California, my Birth Place. Soon after, as an infant, he brought us back home to Waikiki and continued performing as a featured singer with the Hawaii Calls Show and also performed with his Brothers Dutcie and Iva Kinimaka at Duke Kahanamokus Place on Don Ho's days off.

I've spent my entire life surrounded by Family and Friends that were musicians in the Hawaiian and contemporary genres. My Uncle Titus Kinimaka and the Kauai Boys have carried on this musical family tradition that goes back to our Ancestors that were part of the The Royal Hawaiian Kingdom's Family. My Great Grandfather Chief Keaweamahi Kinimaka Raised Hawaiis’ last King David Kalakaua. King Kalakaua composed The Hawaiian National Anthem Hawai’i Pono’i.

As a youth, I was also raised on Kauai and ended up back on Oahu Graduating from Kaimuki High School then moved to Maui, my Home. I am a U.S. Army Scout Veteran. I support World Peace and the full restoration Independence and sovereignty of The Hawaiian Kingdom Nation (u.s. public law 103-150) my love for music and pursuing my passion to express myself through music has given me a sense of peace among the many trials that life continues to present. Health-wise, I'm a vegan 360 days out of the year, on my off days its soul food with my Hawaiian Poly Homies.

Mahalo for allowing me to share a little of my personal life and for listening to Kinimaka music.

Blessings of love and laughter.

Peace out.

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