Big Wednesday: A Sequel. Jaws, 1993 (Not a John Milius production).

Chapter One

Winter Swell, 1993, A New Horizon for Big Wave Surfing

Chapter One


1. Bear shaping on the Pier

2. Jack's party. "You wanna fight?"

"No we gettem lata."

3. Bear's marriage

4. Bear's surf shop with Matt when Matt said he didn't want the kids to look up to him.

5. Bear as a rubbish man

6. Hospital bed

Matt stood by the window on the third story of the hospital. The ocean was barely discernible from this distance but the presence of abundant whitewater made it clear there was a big swell.

“How’s the swell,” Bear asked weakly, his hair now salt and pepper and deep crow’s feet around his eyes.

“It’s good Bear.”