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Done with Conspiracy Theory

I'm going to preface this question with one, or several provisos.

You can't say trump, Obama, Bill Gates, or Fauci. And you can't say the illuminati, the Masons or the Knight's Templar.

Who is benefitting from this pandemic?

It's not large enough (God bless all of those who have lost family and friends) to be a depopulation scheme.

So really, I'm at a loss but to think that it's just a virus which the earth has many. And many are over-intellectuallizing it because it's hard to comprehend.

I'm not sure I believe in a conspiracy. I haven't much in the way of relevant proof.

Most recently someone opined that it is meant to crash the American dollar and make us all switch to bitcoin. And also, that in some positive way, we are all going to relearn how to live self-sufficiently again.

Please, please, please, no knee-jerk democratic or republican comments. I will only respond to comments that are well thoughout, have hard evidence, and are based in some form of tangible reality.

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