Michael McNamara: Eclectic Maui Photographer

Michael McNamara: manamike1@yahoo.com Eclectic Maui Photographer

Photographs were always interesting to me. My first exposure to them came from National Geographic and Surfer Magazine. Both Publications used Photos that generated a lot of curiosity with the People, Places and Things they presented. They made me want to know more and to experience the things they brought to my eyes and imagination. I never really thought about being a Photographer, I just wanted to place myself within the images that I was seeing. Many of the Photos made me ask a lot of questions to myself and led me to find the answers to those questions. As a young man, I decided to see the World for myself and did just that. It was years later that I was given a Camera as a gift and began to shoot the People, Places and Things that I saw. It was a kind of personal Journal for me and it was a way to record life as I saw it. I like the way a Photo can isolate a moment in time forever. It freezes life for that second and allows us to relive it every time we look at it. Being on Maui is a great place for so many reasons. Life here is full of the People, Places and Things that inspire me so much. There is so much to see and discover. I am in constant awe of the variation of light, color and imagery. It is a wonderful place to have a Camera and to record the plethora of beauty this place holds. manamike1@yahoo.com