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Maui Salt and Sage Magazine seeks to offer the Maui Community its own grassroots publication that most closely represents the beauty and complexity of life in and around the our island. By offering a more localized beach/marine/aina focused editorial content, tailored to the Maui local person (ie. art, fiction, marine biology, sustainable agriculture, music & cuisine of a local nature) we are offering the kind of substance that the Maui Community wants, but has not found, with other publications.


Philip Waikoloa & Peggy Johnson


Philip and Peggy are publishers, writers, graphic designers and videographers. They love all forms of art and more importantly they LOVE Maui. They started Maui Salt and Sage because they believe that Maui, and all of the Hawaiian Islands, are a place one feels a kuleana or responsibilty to honor this sacred place and preserve its multi-faceted beauty.


They don't consider themselves part of any particular community on Maui, but instead a part of the whole of Maui (At least they're trying to do their best to be connected to all aspects of life on Island).


This is where you come in. Please send us any and all info about what YOU are doing to make Maui a better place, or your appreciation of its beauty, and we'll be sure to work on a way of getting your voice into our publication and videos. 


Mahalo Nui Loa,

Peggy and Phil

From The Tradewinds

by Philip Scott Waikoloa


"As he spoke, the morning sun shot warm light into the womb-like Iao Valley to the west; striking an ancient cinder cone known as the “Needle,” a verdant and “mystical” megalith rising from the middle of the valley. The local people believed it reflected light and energy into the world. And with that, the valley began to grow humid and sultry. The force of the sun encouraged the static air to gravitate skyward, like incense smoke, toward the volcanic, jagged, greenlife covered peaks. The warm, moist body accumulated quietly, first as a fine mist and then, as the morning progressed toward noon, it transformed itself into a great, grey, life-giving mass of water-laden clouds which eventually fell as a gentle rain; completing the necessary cycle offering a watery infusion to the valley, its river, and finally, to the ocean. Each, in turn, breathed the sigh of vital verdure."




Aina & Makai

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